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Thought about getting your Xbox Series X?

While some say that the Xbox Series X is a liability to consider, I think the Xbox Series X is actually a must-get-your-hands-on asset. Look at it this way: The Xbox Series X is less flashy and more compact than the competition, while at the same time it's able to deliver the same performance experience, but it is being held back by outer unknown forces due to its raw power. The good thing is that you can still access all your older cloud games.

If you are a gamer that streams content, then you will be able to stream to Twitch via the Twitch app. The Xbox Series X has enough power to stream at a decent 720p 30 fps @ 3.5 MB p/s, or 720p 60fps @ 7MB p/s if you have a good internet connection. It seems that it can allow a 1080p Live stream as well due to the SPECS given. Some say that it is not recommended to play and stream 1080p at the same time, but it's just a numbers game. Of course, you can enjoy the gameplay at 4K with a bright 8K future, due to the DDR6 12-teraflop AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 52 Compute Units. You can say it has better numbers than the PS5 that currently supports 8K.

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In the end, the Xbox Series X is a big win for all. The Xbox Series X is an amazing-affordable-set-of-hardware that is part of Microsoft, PC users most likely will play on Windows, the PS5 is attentively lurking, and AMD is the big winner. :O

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