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What is a good Modern Warfare Warzone strategy?

While some players die in the first minute of hitting the ground after being airborne from the airplane, there are many other players that can make it to the end and win.

So, what's really a good strategy?

Depending if you are playing with a team or doing solo battles, different game styles by different players have different outcomes.

So what are a couple of different strategies? Should you land, loot and camp right away in any spot, or should you pick a well placed map location and then loot? What if you just landed and you have to engage in a quick draw gun battle? Are you the type of player that can shoot multiple enemies without any aiming issues, or are you the player that rather hunt than just fight?

To be honest, after winning a couple of Warzone solo battles and losing many, I found that consistency and well practiced plays are most effective. Why play to just die, when you can come up with full systematic strategies. Similar to baseball, when the player can steal the base, only after watching everyone else in the opposite team.

Does camping really makes you live longer in-game?

While some people always setup markers against the enemies, others don't even realize they themselves have been targeted. So why camp? Well, the times I have won, I did not camp in the same building for more than 2 or 3 minutes. Perhaps the best strategy is the one that you have practiced the most because you feel most comfortable with it.

Here is a clip of the last 30 seconds of my first streamed win:

For the full gameplay, follow this other link:

The action starts at 1:36.

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