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Who is to say, I got my PS5 easily?

Last time I read, a dad and son spent two nights outside a Gamestop somewhere in the US. Not to say, major stores are out of stock most of the time. Other people, keep on their current system until there is a chance to grab a PS5, even if the retail price is above $1000 USD.

Usually, on hard times like these, PC gamers are the people that struggle the less, due to all the different types of games available out there. For that matter, DOOM GAMES STORE is issuing a STIMULUS PACKAGE featuring free downloads to 3 games. Visit MY HUB to do all things you like doing the most like reading game news content, listening to gaming podcasts, and watching your favorite videos about your favorite games.

If you like My HUB, keep in mind that we will be adding a whole new Classic Arcade section with all your favorite old school arcades. Remember the old days when you used to skip school to go to the arcade room? Well, play down below for a taste of what DOOM STORE GAMES will offer soon.

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