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A glance to 2012 with Halo 4

We have all kinds of games now. Different options for players to play. New games have bugs in them. Old games are alike polished gems. Ten eighty views the path.

I glanced at my gems. I found Halo 4 in my treasure. I wore Halo 3 in armor. I am embedding Halo 4 in my chest plate.

Some pro-claim Halo 3 to Halo 4 was a big downfall. I consider it not. Halo 4 is a true masterpiece. A work of art.

Taking off from Halo 3, the story continues, the music of Hope plays in the background. Cortana wakes up in the remains of Forward Unto Dawn. Across the Spartan chambers, the dust of an old forgotten ship clouds the view. Cortana thinks of whom to reach out for help, she glances, the Master Chief. Without hesitation, she presses to activate.

My heart beats to finish the game. My heart beats to make a series. Every mission to be completed in Legendary. One life. One way.

The sceneries are gorgeous. My eyes contemplate the beauty. The chambers may be different, so are the worlds. Why do the chambers have to remain the same across the sky?

I noticed the change in the covenant soldiers. The new "Elites" were not so "Elite", and so the grunts. They are not the same.

It all makes sense. It all comes true.

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